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Mission, Vision and Objectives

The University’s mission, desired outcomes and broad objectives are described in its Strategic Directions document and associated Operational Priorities Plan in the following terms.

Archways at UWAMission

To advance, transmit and sustain knowledge and understanding through the conduct of teaching, research and scholarship at the highest international standards, for the benefit of the international, Australian and Western Australian communities.


The University of Western Australia will be recognised internationally as an excellent, research-intensive university and a leading intellectual and creative resource to the communities it serves.


The core values underpinning our activities are a commitment to:

  • a high performance culture designed to achieve international excellence
  • academic freedom to encourage staff and students to engage in the open exchange of ideas and thought
  • continuous improvement through self-examination and external review
  • fostering the values of openness, honesty, tolerance, fairness, trust and responsibility in social, moral and academic matters
  • transparency in decision making and accountability
  • equity and merit as the fundamental principles for the achievement of the full potential of all staff and students

Defining Characteristics

The University of Western Australia will be recognised by the following defining characteristics:

  • high quality, as the pervading criterion for all our activities
  • comprehensive, with a broad teaching and research profile in the arts, sciences and professions
  • selective, within a comprehensive base, to develop particular areas of strength and emphasis
  • research-active, with a strong teaching and research nexus across all our disciplines
  • internationally focused, for both the content and standards of our activities
  • technologically innovative, to maximise our flexibility and responsiveness
  • flexible and responsive, to meet the needs of the community, our students and our graduates

Priority Strategic Objectives

The University has identified six priority strategic objectives of particular significance to achieving international excellence:

  • to recruit, develop and retain the highest quality staff
  • to attract, develop and graduate the highest quality students
  • to increase and diversify the University’s funding base
  • to develop, and direct resources preferentially to, areas of particular strength, importance and opportunity
  • to build strategic partnerships and alliances
  • to improve collaboration within the University

Operational Priorities

Operationally, the University has identified in its current Operational Priorities Plan for the 2003 to 2005 triennial period the following priorities:


  • Sundial in UWA Sunken Gardenextend the international experiences of UWA students
  • further develop international benchmarking and quality assurance processes
  • attract more high quality international students, particularly postgraduate students, from a diverse range of countries

Teaching and Learning

  • further improve the University’s practice of flexible teaching and learning
  • implement a University-wide outcomes-based approach to teaching, learning and assessment with particular reference to:
    • mastery of the discipline;
    • English competence and literacy;
    • information skills competence and literacy;
    • research skills; and
    • other generic skills.
  • enhance the nexus between teaching and research


  • improve research outcomes and their impact
  • increase the number of higher degree by research students and the higher degree completion rate, coupled with an increase in funding per capita
  • increase total research income from all sources

Resourcing and Management

  • further expand and diversify the University’s funding base, with particular emphasis on unrestricted income
  • further enhance quality and equity in staffing, particularly in enhancing and recognising performance and flexibility in staffing arrangements
  • enhance the University’s use and management of information technology
  • build further effective strategic partnerships and alliances

Proposed Strategic Objectives

It is expected that the Operational Priorities Plan, which the University is developing for the 2006 to 2008 triennium, will replace the six priority strategic objectives listed above with the following:

  • to improve the quality of the student learning experience
  • to improve the quality, impact and productivity of research and research training
  • to improve the University’s positioning, reputation and strategic relationships
  • to increase and diversify the University’s income, with particular emphasis on general purpose income
  • to recruit, develop and retain the highest quality staff, and support the development of their full potential, within a ‘one-staff, one-University’ philosophy
  • to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the management of the University
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