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UWA Researcher analysing DNAThe University of Western Australia is one of Australia’s leading research-intensive universities and is the premier research institution in Western Australia. In 2005 the University received over $102 million of external research income, expended over $165 million on research, and graduated over 265 higher degree by research students, mostly PhDs.

The University’s research and research training objectives are defined in its Research and Research Training Management Report available from the Institution Assessment Framework 2005 at http://intranet.uwa.edu.au/?p=37856. Research is expected to be conducted by all teaching and research staff across the range of disciplines, although the University also encourages the development of research concentrations in areas of particular strength and opportunity. Notably these areas include: geomechanics and offshore engineering; earth sciences, particularly tectonics; materials science; water research; agricultural and natural system management, including dryland salinity; plant energy biology; classics and ancient history; anthropology, archaeology and linguistics; child health; asthma and allergy research; epidemiology and neurobiology; telecommunications; and atomic molecular and surface physics.

The University recognises the need to fully cost its research activities, particularly as funding from industry and non-government sources increases. The University has developed a detailed pricing policy for research contracts and consultancies which is available at http://www.research.uwa.edu.au/page/77585.

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