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Staffing and Related Matters

Green Trees provide a pleasant working environment for UWA Staff.On staffing matters The University of Western Australia remains committed to ‘the recruitment, development and retention of the highest quality staff’ to achieve its mission within a ‘one-staff, one-University’ policy. This is supported by an employment philosophy of providing job security through ongoing employment where possible.

Policy and Staff Development

The University has a commitment to a high performance culture. In 2005 implementation of a new performance management process—the Professional Development Review (PDR)—began, supported by a training programme made available to all staff. The Academic Portfolio, now a requirement for academic tenure and promotion, will also be required for the review of academic staff in 2006. The highly successful Leadership Development for Women Programme celebrated its 10th anniversary. A new leadership programme for heads of school introduced in late 2004 was well received by participants. During 2005 more than 4000 people attended workshops, forums and orientations. Additionally, about 1200 people attended safety training courses and a further 900 participated in courses focusing on equity and diversity.

Industrial Relations

Enterprise Bargaining Agreements for Academic and General staff were approved by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission in January. English as a Second Language (ESL) and Child Care Agreements were finalised in September and March respectively. Key outcomes for the University included more rigorous performance management provisions, greater flexibility in superannuation and expanded parental leave arrangements. In line with the requirements of the Higher Education Workplace Report Requirements (HEWRRs), introduced following the Nelson Report, all new staff are now offered Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs).

Workers’ Compensation

In 2005 there were 71 accepted workers’ compensation claims. Although there was a reduction in the number of workers’ compensation claims compared to previous years, there were a number of staff who required extended periods off work in order to fully recover from their injuries.

Equity and Diversity

Some 125 employees have been recruited under the University’s Workforce Diversity Strategy since 2001. The University again received an Employer of Choice Award and has been waived from reporting to the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA) for a period of two years following submission of its statutory gender equity performance report. A Disability Services and Action Plan was completed following University-wide consultation.

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