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Teaching and Learning

In 2005 UWA focused particularly on new measures designed to improve teaching through staff development and on improving the ways in which the quality of learning can be measured.

In 2005 the Postgraduate Teaching Internship Scheme [commended by the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA)] was significantly expanded and a complementary scheme for postgraduate students, Introduction to University Teaching, was introduced. In 2006 these schemes will be further expanded so that all postgraduate teachers have access to high quality staff development for teaching. In addition, a new Teaching Fellowship Scheme, open to all academic staff, was introduced in 2005.

Using international benchmarking as a tool to measure teaching and learning, excellence was further developed with the implementation in 2005 of the National Survey of Student Engagement which gathers data about staff and student practices. This will allow UWA to work closely with the University of New South Wales and Queen’s University, Canada, to compare data and develop appropriate improvement strategies. It also provides benchmarking possibilities with hundreds of North American universities.

The University’s strong performance on a number of measures of quality of teaching and learning was confirmed when it was one of 14 universities to receive extra funding from the Commonwealth’s Learning and Teaching Performance Fund in 2006.

The University’s pricing policy for its educational programmes is consistent with the Commonwealth Government’s policies on Australian domestic undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students and international fee-paying students. Details of the University’s prices are available both on the University web site and the Commonwealth web site at http://www.goingtouni.gov.au/.

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