Official Publications: Annual Report 2005

The Impact of State Legislation

The Impact of State Legislation

In August 2005, the WA State Government passed the Universities Legislation Amendment Act 2005 which amended certain sections relating to the University’s governing body and which was passed and implemented in response to Federal Government funding requirements.

In December 2005, the Federal Government passed the HESA (Abolition of Compulsory Up-Front Student Union Fees) Act 2005 which removes the ability of the University to set a fee for students for amenities and services. This will impact the range of non-tuition services available from the Guild of Undergraduates and the Sports Association and may result in the cost of providing some services to students being met from the University’s budget.

Public Interest Disclosure Act

The University has appointed a Public Interest Disclosure Officer in accordance with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003. There were no matters of Public Interest Disclosure reported to the University in 2005.

Record Keeping

The University is committed to records management practices which comply with the relevant legislation and are in line with good professional practice. Its Record Keeping Plan has been cleared by the State Records Commission and will be fully approved pending the submission of a revised Records Disposal Authority for Student Records which will occur in the first half of 2006. Information on record keeping is now included on the University’s staff induction web site and a statement regarding each staff member’s record-keeping responsibilities is available. Significant achievements include the redevelopment of the formal record keeping training programme and the successful implementation of electronic document management for research administration records as well as some general files.

Key Performance Indicators



Number of non-academic staff with active TRIM* accounts
Number of non-academic staff who underwent records management training

* TRIM is the official record-keeping and electronic document management system of the University.

Media and Advertising Expenditure

In accordance with Section 175ZE of the Electoral Act 1907 the University is required to report on expenditure incurred during the financial year in relation to advertising agencies, market research organisations, polling organisations, direct mail organisations and media advertising organisations.

Expenditure with advertising agencies $1,309,570

Adcorp Australia Ltd
Bowtell Clark & Yole
Cooch Creative Pty Ltd
Crossroads Advertising
Hogan Media Services
Horizon PRM
Insight Communication & Design Management Co.
Linc Integrated Marketing & Communication
Marketforce Productions
Media Decisions WA
The Marketing Centre

Expenditure with market research organisations $59,161
Antenna Business Development
Australia Market Intelligence
Castalyse Pty Ltd
Expenditure with polling organisations $0
Expenditure with direct mail organisations $34,094
Stick-up Poster Distribution
Expenditure with media advertising organisations $894,655
Albany Advertiser Pty Ltd
Australasian Medical Publishing Co Ltd
Australian Publishers Association
Brandconnect Australia Group
Business News
CD Art & Australia Pty Ltd
Community Newspaper Group
EMAP Construct Ltd
Empire Publishing Company Ltd
Energy Publications
GDS Publishing Limited
Geraldton Newspapers Ltd
Hobsons Australia Pty Ltd
Marketforce Productions
Media Decisions WA
Media Professionals WA Pty Ltd
Mindfield Group Pty Ltd
National Web Directory Pty Ltd
Nationwide News
Nova 93.7
Out in Perth Holdings Pty Ltd
Perth Radio FM
Perth Webb
Post Newspapers Pty Ltd
Reed Business Information Pty Ltd
Rural Press Regional Media (WA) Pty Ltd
Seek Limited
Span Communication (Aus) Pty Ltd
Stroudgate Australasia (Pty) Ltd
Text Pacific Pty Ltd
The Australian
The Sunday Times
West Australian Newspapers Limited
Wren Design Group
X-Press Newspapers
Total Expenditure $2,297,480